Refrigeration for Vaccine Storage, Health and Science Industry

A+ Maintenance Products, Inc is proud to be a Marvel Scientific Distributor since early 2000.  

We have seen a lot of great improvements and adjustments to the needs of the scientific and

vaccine storage industry but Marvel goes back much further to the beginning of times of commercial refrigeration.

Greenville, MI is where it all started as RANNEY REFRIGERATION in 1892, fabricating

40000 refrigerators with 300 employees in 1899. In 1978 the company became

Northland Refrigeration and in 1989 starting to specialize in laboratory, biomed and

vaccine storage application

Marvel/Northland, has been a leader in the under the counter vaccine

storage refrigerators and lab fridges and freezers for over 30 years. When we

started to distribute the Marvel Scientific Vaccine Fridges in 2002, Marvel was

part of Northland and the under the counter vaccine refrigerators were made in

Richmond, IN. I visited the plant and everything was made “in house” in the USA.

Now they moved their operation back to where it all started; Greenville, MI and still

all is made “in house”, in the USA.

We are strictly specialized in biomed, Laboratory refrigeration and the vaccine

refrigeration part of the company, Working closely with Marvel Scientific, we

enjoy helping you, the customer, to pick the right critical temperature solution for

your applications.

Please call us and pick our brain with your questions about your

vaccine refrigerator, bio med storage, laboratory refrigerator and any other

critical storage question you have.

Looking forward to talk to you

A+ Maintenance Staff


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