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Marvel Scientific Options

Marvel Scientific offers a complete array of options for a very simple reason - rigorous applications such as yours demand more than a standard refrigerator. Lockable storage inserts, temperature monitor alarms, scientific thermometers, flat door liners and glass doors are only a few of the available options.

Marvel Scientific
Temperature Monitor/Alarm
(for General Purpose
Models Only)

Marvel Scientific's audible/visual alarm is designed for temperature monitoring of general purpose refrigerators and freezers. If the internal temperature rises above the set point, a beeper will sound and an LED will flash red.

Alarm specifications:

  • single probe temperature alarm covering -50C to +50C
  • easy to read LCD display
  • audio/visual alarms (beeper and LED)
  • selectable audio mute period
  • adjustable and displayable alarm settings
  • UL listed plug-in power supply
  • battery mode for up to 100 hours in case of power failure - shuts down all circuitry except for alarm
  • wall mounted or free-standing

Marvel Scientific Thermometers

Marvel Scientific thermometers are designed to monitor critical temperatures in refrigerators and freezers used in the demanding applications of Health, Science and Industry.

Thermometer specifications:

  • filled with red spirit for easy readability
  • coated with Teflon to absorb shock and contain all glass and liquid in the event of breakage
  • engraved and annealed for lasting consistent accuracy
  • easily inserted into shatter-proof plastic vial
  • emersed in either proplylene glycol or ethylene glycol to ensure accurate temperature readings despite frequent door openings
  • vial secured with durable double magnet to interior cabinet or door
Each thermometer is serialized and supplied with certificate of accuracy, traceable to NIST.
Part# Dimensions Temperature Shipping



-30 to 0C

1 lb.

6"x1"x1" -5 to 15C 1 lb.

Please call to check if listed options are available.

Other Available Options:

  1. Optional Solid Door accepts 1/4" Panel - Model RPE
  2. Optional Stainless Steel Cabinet - Model SS
  3. Optional Stainless Steel Door Panel - Model SSP
  4. Optional Lock - Model LKY
    Specify right- or left-hand door swing when ordering
  5. Optional Interior Light - Model LHT
  6. Optional Flat Door Liner -
    Model FDL
  7. Optional Casters- Model CAS
  8. Optional Locking Storage
    Drawer - Model DWR